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 NO Reservations – Walk ins only on a first come first served basis

Takeout only available online or in person – no phone or email orders accepted

Maximum dining time of 90 minutes during peak periods

Autogratuity on tables of 7 or more

EASTER WEEKEND: We’ll be CLOSED ON Sunday, March 31, 2024 and Monday, April 1, 2024

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Vera Pizza Napoletana

True Neapolitan Pizza


Vera Pizza Napoletana

True Neapolitan Pizza

Our Story

It starts in a small palazzo on Via Tevere—a street in the heart of Naples where our family story begins. Throughout childhood and to this day, we have spent countless summers on Via Tevere, where we quickly learned about the importance of food in the Neapolitan way of life. Of the utmost significance is the iconic pizza, which has become the symbol of Naples. Pizza Napoletana is lauded for its rustic simplicity, its traditional wood-fire cooking method and its celebration of Neapolitan ingredients. Our goal is to honour our family heritage and the tradition of pizza-making by serving up la vera pizza Napoletana
the true Neapolitan pizza.

Via Tevere is proud to be member #399 of the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (AVPN).

AVPN certification ensures and protects the authenticity and traditional cooking method of Neapolitan pizza. This is done by ensuring the pizzeria has the proper equipment (dough mixer, Carrera Marble prep top, woodfire oven), as well as proper dough-making, stretching, topping and cooking techniques.

True Neapolitan pizzas are made with double zero flour, San Marzano tomatoes from the Campania region, and fior di latte (milky fresh mozzarella). In Naples (as well as according to VPN guidelines), basil is placed on top of the pizza prior to cooking. The dough must be hand stretched with no added mechanical support (no rolling pin or stretcher) and must be cooked in a woodfire oven.

Neapolitan pizza will have minimal toppings for a balance of flavour and the crust is expected to be lightly charred, slightly chewy, and soft in the centre. In true Neapolitan style, our pizzas are brought to the table uncut and can be enjoyed with a knife and fork or by hand. Come join us soon to experience la Vera Pizza Napoletana.


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Come join us for true Neapolitan pizza


 1190 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 4G5


Operating Hours


Monday 4pm – 9:30pm 

Tuesday 4pm – 9:30pm
Wednesday 4pm – 9:30pm
Thursday 4pm – 9:30pm
Friday 4pm – 10:30pm
Saturday 4pm – 10:30pm
Sunday 4pm – 9:30pm

*holiday hours may vary 

Easter Long Weekend

We will be OPEN regular hours on Friday & Saturday and CLOSED on Easter Sunday & Easter Monday . 


NO RESERVATIONS. Walk ins only – Seating is done on a first come first served basis. 


 TakeOut Orders are only accepted online or in person. No phone or email orders. If you need to change or cancel your online order, please call us at 604.336.1803


Gift cards can be purchased online through the link at the top of the page or in person at our takeout window during regular business hours. 




Food Truck

What is a Neapolitan SALTIMBOCCA?

In short, it’s a “pizzeria sandwich”. The bread is baked in our 900° woodfire oven where it takes on the characteristics of Pizza Napoletana—soft, yet charred with the classic fire-roasted spotting. The bread is then loaded with meat and cheese, roasted over the fire and finished with fresh tomato and crisp arugula.


Our truck can cater your event with Saltimbocca or our signature Neapolitan Pizza. Please email us at for details and availability!

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