May 3, 2013 – Sean of Sean’s Adventures in Flavortown and Food Network Canada correspondent says  “the food rocked”! He also reviewed the Neapolitan Saltimbocca from the food truck!


April 12, 2013 – Host John Catucci from Food Network Canada says… “You Gotta Eat Here”


November 9, 2013 – Maria Tallarico of Vitamin Daily calls Via Tevere “pizza heaven”


August 22, 2012 – Richard Wolak considers the salsiccia and rapini pizza from Via Tevere to be one of the top 10 dishes to eat before the summer ends!


August 19, 2012 Miss Foodie came in and said that Via Tevere is “as close to the real deal Neapolitan experience as one could get here short of going to Naples


August 16, 2012 – Amy of Greedy Guts says she will ” definitely be making a return trip to Via Tevere.


August 13, 2012 – Grace of GraceCheung604 loves the “little pockets” of “charred goodness of the crust”


June 13, 2012 – Shinyandbright thinks the margherita con salame is a “winner of a pizza


June 1, 2012 – Anya Levykh of EatMagazine says, “You can’t ask for more “vera” than this


June 1, 2012 – Rebecca Philps considers Via Tevere one of “Vancouver’s Best Cheap Eats” for 2012


May 20, 2012 – Raul of hummingbird604 considers Via Tevere “one of the best” pizzerias he has tried recently and says the piza was “delightful and filling


May 16, 2012 – Mia Stainsby, restaurant critic for the Vancouver Sun says, “Via Tevere pizzas are addictive


May 4, 2012 – Alexandra Gill, restaurant critic for the Globe and Mail calls Via Tevere a “rustic pizzeria with warm shabby-chic décor” that “exudes old-world charm and mouth-watering aromas


April 30, 2012 – Sherman of Sherman’s Food Adventures came by and said, “Via Tevere was well worth the wait not only for the pizza, but for the great service and vibe as well”.


April 5, 2012 – Vanfoodster thinks the crust “was perfect from the texture to the appearance, both on the bottom and top”


March 24, 2012 – Fmed of Wisemonkeysblog says Via Tevere pizzas are “true to the Neapolitan form”